Uncharted Waters
Uncharted Waters


Finally, not just a ripping good yarn of adventure in today’s modern merchant marines, but an account of an actual event in the Arabian Sea. Take a ship loaded with jet fuel during operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, an unusual cast of characters, a woman connected to a mob boss in New Jersey, and an underwater seamount 9 miles off the coast of Oman, and you have Uncharted waters. Add a writer's obsession with the sea, a flair for the wacky, an eye for the good life, and the ladies, and you will see this is no ordinary shipwreck. Read more

Theodore Carl Soderberg

About Theodore Carl Soderberg

Born in Brattleboro Vermont, raised in Westchester County NY, I  attended High school in Newtown Connecticut  and worked 8 months as a psychiatric aid at Fairfield mental hospital for the criminally insane. Joined the Navy in 1967, and for the first time sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge in a destroyer escort in 1967 during "The summer of love". I was in Southeast Asia from Feb. 28 '68, after 2 years, returned Feb. 29, '70.
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Excerpt from the Book

Not unlike many other small boys, I was drawn to water from my earliest memories.
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